High quality coffee that feels good: We serve speciality coffee, pastries, and snacks, and support local young people who are facing barriers to employment.


Feel Good offers young people amazing work opportunities as baristas, alongside training and mentoring support. Plus, for every coffee you buy, we fund a meal for a child in need.


What we do 

We believe all young people should feel empowered to do good, and be equipped with the skills they need to progress and create a better future for themselves. However, this opportunity isn’t afforded to everyone as easily.

We employ young people who are facing barriers to employment, train them up as baristas, and provide them with training and mentoring to help them grow their skills, overcome their barriers, plan for their future, and start to take the appropriate steps to get there.

We also teach our baristas to take pride in the drinks they make, serving only high quality locally roasted coffee and artisan hot chocolates, expertly poured, and offered alongside fresh pastries and snacks.

By drinking Feel Good, you are not only getting a delicious speciality coffee, but you are also supporting local young people, and providing a meal for a child in need at one of our partner projects.




Our story 

Feel Good was born when inspiration struck on a Regenerate trip, taking young people from London estates to volunteer at one of our partner programmes in Kenya.

One of the young people on the trip poured out his heart at dinner one evening, saying he didn’t want to go back to a negative lifestyle in London; he wanted to help others, and he wanted to make a legitimate living, but he didn’t believe any workplace would give him a chance.

In response to this, Regenerate decided to set up an enterprise that would support, train and employ young people who wanted to turn their lives around and do something that makes a difference in the wider world. As a result, The Feel Good Bakery began, making and delivering fresh sandwiches to businesses and individuals all over London.

However, in July 2020, limitations were put on the bakery/sandwich business due to COVID. In response to this, our bakers became baristas, and our first mobile Feel Good Coffee cart was set up.

Since then, our trusty orange tuk tuk has evolved into a fleet of coffee carts, and a flagship store outside Southfields station – opening soon on 8th June 2024!

This store will allow us to employ 40 young people a year, giving them a fresh start and a step up onto the employment ladder, and serving excellent coffee too.